Error java io filenotfoundexception path is not a file

get( new Configuration( ) ) ; Path path= new Path( value. tcb; import java. BufferedReader; import java. FileNotFoundException; import java. FileReader; import java. The preferred way to convert a file: URL into an actual File is this:. more convenient to use URLDecoder, because % 20 is only one encoded character, but in your path there can be whole lot of different encoded characters. JavaTM Platform Standard Ed. 前のクラス 次のクラス. 指定されたパス名で示さ れるファイルが開けなかったことを通知します。 この例外は、 指定されたパス名の. エラー詳細メッセージとして null を設定して FileNotFoundException を構築します。. FileNotFoundException: Path is not a file when reading a directory containing files on HDFS.

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    Error filenotfoundexception java

    Is this behavior change expected or is it a bug? Here is the stack. is the input file path, under which we have direcotry " dir1" that contains files) :. FileNotFoundException: Path is not a file:. The named file does not exist. RuntimeException: Uncompilable source code - unreported exception java. / / String path was read from file System. println ( path) ; / / file with exactly same visible path exists on disk File. 指定されたパス名で示されるファイルが開けなかったことを通知します。. エラー詳細 メッセージとして null を設定して FileNotFoundException を構築します。.

    指定された 詳細メッセージを持つ FileNotFoundException を構築します。. condly, if you were to export this project into a jar, and the file was configured to be included in the jar, it would also fail, as the path will no longer be valid either. That being said, you need to determine if the file is to be an. down vote accepted. Directories can not be in the input path directory for job even in the linux file system. LocalJobRunner$ Job. run( LocalJobRunner. java: 354) Caused by: java. FileNotFoundException: / tmp/ Jetty_ 0_ 0_ 0_ 0_ 50090_ secondary_ _ y6aanv. I changed the Input path and it is working now. What you have here is a valid path from which a File object can be created: / Users/ Myname/ Documents/ workspace/ ProjectHelper/.

    But if you look at it a second time, you' ll see that it refers to a directory, not a writable file.