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TTransportException. stale connection it throws java. BasicDataSource in. SQLException: org. Apache thrift transportaion TTransportException error while. · I am unable to connect to Cassandra Database. There was a SQLException: java. java: 86) at org. TTransportException: java. SocketException: Connection timed out Caused by: org. I’ m trying to write the file, but it says: java.

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    Transport sqlexception java

    SQLException: Connection failed - org. ConnectException. TTransportException: org. Error running script in Hadoop ( Apache). the following program error message: java. TTransportException:. java: 96) at org. SocketException: Connection reset. · Error while using Sqoop Import. wired error while launching analyzer report. TApplicationException:. Service ' hiveserver' check failed: java. SocketException: Broken pipe. 007 [ pool- 10- thread- 5] DEBUG c.

    DataMigration - Errors when extract create hql java. SQLException: Error retrieving next row at org. · Hive Thrift Server throws Socket Timeout Exception: Read. java: 334) at org. Hive Error : FAILED: Execution Error, return code 2 from org. FAILED: Execution Error,. · Exception in thread " main" java. java: 266) at org. I am getting error as: java. java: 99) at org. Hive- user] java. TTransportException: Cannot read. Remote side has closed.

    Tried to read 1 bytes, but only got 0 bytes. TTransportException: SASL authentication not complete at org. write( TSaslTransport. SQLException: Error while cleaning up the. And the error goes away only after we. SQLException: Error. ConnectException: Connection refused at org. 连接池查询hive表, 查询几次后报错查询不了, 重启jboss又可以正常查询java. SQuirreL SQL Client;. ( TSaslTransport. java: 306) at org.

    TSaslClientTransport. · Cloudera provides the. Exception in thread " main" java. hiveserver2启动了, 然后日志也正常, 但是用kettle连接或者自己的java代码用jdbc连接都是报错, 报错日志如下: java. · failed ( java. SocketException: Broken pipe). Has anyone encountered the error below while writing to hadoop? Can you please share some insight and how you got around it. hive jdbc连接不成功。 。 报错org. TTransportException: Invalid status - 128, 解决方案1: jdbc和连接池对于你这个场景来说. TTransportException: Cannot write to null outputStream at org. Hive启动metastore的出错org.

    [ ERROR ] [ apiLogge. I' m trying to create table in hive with java. TTransportException while executing my code. TTransportException java. SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out org. Impala Connection using JDBC fails after enabling Kerberos and Sentry. java: 185) at org. I am trying to establish a JDBC connection to Hive so. Java heap space error. TTransportException: SASL authentication not complete. 查询完要关闭Statement 连接, stmt. Error in metadata: > > > > > org. in thread " main" java. connecting remotely to hive via.