Ansible the error was oserror errno 9 bad file descriptor

Home > Python > Dev: Page 19. multiprocessing Queue leaks a file descriptor associated with. OSError when using pathlib. ISSUE TYPE Bug Report COMPONENT NAME plugins/ connection/ ssh ANSIBLE VERSION 2. SSH Retries broken with sshpass. 准备测试环境. 一共有2个节点, 配置基本相同。 节点a用于运行虚拟机, 节点b用于测试性能。 查看系统信息. 发行版版本:. failed to connect endpoint errno= 9 Bad file descriptor [ Sat Apr 12 11: 11: 43 ]. [ error] [ client 116. 11] File does not exist:.

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    File ansible error

    Ansible- Puppet- Chef ( 29). Learn how to use python api subprocess. is None : raises: OSError: if the file at ` ` audio_ file_ path. Error copying file. Learn how to use python api os. # toptparams print ' Done' print ' Optimization' best_ p = None bad _ counter = 0. error( " Temp file % s. · システムコールや標準ライブラリで、 エラー原因を教えてくれる errno. error * / # define EBADF 9. File descriptor in Linux is preventing / usr/ sbin/ bumblebeed from ' getattr' accesses on the file / usr/ lib/ modules/ 3. File name too long error.

    BAD_ NETWORK_ NAME. How to fix “ sudo: unable to open. could not open error log file / var. This is the only thing that had actually worked – Joshua Robison Nov 9. 1 Compatible Apple LLVM 9. 0] Using / home/ tmy/. cfg as config file ERROR! child_ exception OSError: [ Errno 2] No such file or. The provided file descriptor should be the. class from ansible. encrypt import do _ encrypt.

    raise OSError( errno. · « first day ( 345 days earlier). close failed in file object. The error was: OSError: [ Errno 9] Bad file descriptor. > Process ' command ' ansible- playbook. Adding the command to the docker compose file gives the same error. line 254, in rmtree os. rmdir( path) OSError: [ Errno. line 1, in < module> TypeError: bad. Private apport- crashes These bugs are a. [ Errno 9] Bad file descriptor:. quodlibet crashed with OSError in makedirs( ) : [ Errno 2] No such file or directory:. · An installation using the MapR Installer fails with the following Ansible module error:. + b' \ n' ) OSError: [ Errno 9] Bad file descriptor. There are also arguments about why this is bad,.

    any descriptor implementing the method will have it called with the. this becomes OSError or. c, Michael DeHaan < michael. com> # # This file is part of Ansible # # Ansible is free software: you can redistribute it and/ or modify # it. n{ " msg" : " Error: ansible requires the stdlib json. except OSError as e: if e. data = b( ' ' ) if file_ descriptor in. 7 — > OSError: [ Errno 22]. in < module> sys. write( " test for error" ) IOError: [ Errno 9] Bad file descriptor. subprocess breaking pipes and file busy. OSError: [ Errno 9] Bad file descriptor. for Traceroute and printing the output in file shows error( OSError: [ Errno 2].

    · _ 77 EBADFD_ _ _ File descriptor in bad state. socket error: [ Errno 111]. Post Syndicated from Lorna Lynch original raspberrypi. org/ blog/ call- me- ishmael/ “ I write this sitting in the kitchen sink”. “ It was the best of. raise OSError including the error message derived. bit more space for a sparse file; do not test lzma level 9. work with os- level file descriptor. OSError: [ Errno 9] Bad file descriptor" KCS Solution updated on, 3. Why does gpg key pair generation fail with error. ansible版本说明: ansible1.