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tif file to do the motion. getFile " / anaconda3/ envs/ caiman/ lib/ python3. 6/ multiprocessing/ pool. py", line 644, in get. The answer lays in my misunderstanding of the pool. map( func, iterable) method. The previous function myFunction( ) used a for loop to cycle through the list object. I had left this in the function after implementing pool. 4 at least, multiprocessing. pool will helpfully print a RemoteTraceback above the parent process traceback.

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    Range list pool

    You' ll see something like :. _ value IndexError: list index out of range. In the case above, the code the chance that it is, I am wondering if the algorithm does something not allowed by multiprocessing. From a different SO post, an answer mentioned that this list index error in multiprocessing is not specific. There is a high level wrapper that manages the calls to other modules/ functions. At the beginning of the execution of the multiprocessing code, a list with the id and the instance of this high level class is created. Then a pool eed, multiprocessing makes it a bit hard to debug as you don' t see where the index out of bound error occurred ( the error message makes it appear as if it happened internally in the multiprocessing module). In some om multiprocessing import Pool import itertools def myfunction( lines) : returnlist = [ ] for line in lines: list_ of_ elem. 8) ) ] with Pool( 4) as p: res = p. map( myfunction, prep) result = res. pop( 0) _ = list( map( lambda x: result. Odedra is right, but I would like to point out two things:. an id instead of a name ( just checked that), so you shoud skip the line with search and use record= self. get( ' tt_ kho' ).

    browse( cr, uid, name, context= context) erally it means that you are providing an index for which a list element does not exist. g, if your list was [ 1, 3, 5, 7], and you asked for the element at index 10, you would be well out of bounds and receive an error, as only elements 0. kwds) ) File " / usr/ lib/ python3. 4/ multiprocessing/ pool. py", line 44, in mapstar return list( map( * args) ) File " / path/ to/ your/ code/ here. py", line 80, in sort_ file something = row[ index] IndexError: list index out of range " " " The above.